Sports Story: Developers Emerge with Update for Golf Story Sequel

It seems as though the hotly-anticipated indie Sports Story is alive, well, and potentially closing in on a release date.

Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube

Developer Sidebar Games have been rather quiet about their upcoming game, Sports Story, over the last ten months; their previous announcement was to push back the game’s release.

Now, the team making the Golf Story sequel have made contact again, stating that Sports Story updates are on the way.

Sidebar Games offers first Sports Story update in ten months

In a Tweet on 7 June 2021, Sidebar Games announced that they’re ready to start sharing more updates about Sports Story, potentially hinting at the game getting closer to its release.

They say that “everything is coming together now,” and followed it up with a bit of proof, posting an in-game screenshot of Wall Bounders.

The first game, Golf Story, centred on a single sport, featuring a superb story mode and a couch co-op mode that’s the perfect go-to game for some sociable competition.

Having landed on our list of the best RPGs on the Switch, it’s fair to say that expectations are high for the sequel – especially because the team will be infusing several different ways to play into Sports Story.

The long wait for Sports Story news comes to an end

Initially revealed in the December 2019 Indie World Showcase, with each passing Nintendo Switch presentation and indie game event, fans patiently awaited the release date for Sports Story.

Instead, mostly silence, until a mid-August post from Sidebar Games detailed that the sequel to Golf Story had been delayed.

Given that it was initially pencilled in as a mid-2020 release, and then the pandemic hit, many would have expected some form of delay announcement to be on the horizon as the summer months passed.

The delay came in the form of a great little video, with characters from the upcoming game spouting off a bunch of crazy things that we could expect to see when it fully releases.

While these little quips in the delay trailer may be meaningless, the “big squid thing,” “secret bottom level in the hotel,” being made “captain of the cricket team,” and serving “the interests of an evil corporation” may well be a part of what already sounds like an expansive new game.

By the looks of the two videos, there’s going to be a lot to Sports Story, and given Sidebar Games’ past work, it’s going to be worth the wait.

To keep up to date with all of the anticipated Sports Story updates, follow Sidebar Games on Twitter.

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