10 Video Game Skills That Make You Better Student or Employee by Sven Eggers

10 video game skills that will benefit you at school and in your professional life.

10 Video Game Skills that will benefit

Swen Eggers is a gifted researcher. He has completed many articles for specific cases in colleges and universities among students with various hobbies. Swen created many assignments about game playing specifically and how beneficial or harmful they actually are for the young generation. Swen Eggers paid specific attention to students’ lives after college and how their lifestyles and habits influence their paths.

We used to think that playing video games is something horrible and only stupid people do that in order to procrastinate. If we look a little further, video games, like any other hobby could be very beneficial for the human’s future. Of course, as with everything, it is all about balance. In case you choose to play video games instead of going to school and communicating with your friends – it can’t be good. But if you do it for a normal amount of time and still have a life outside, it could actually bring lots of value as a future student or employee.

10 Video Game Skills that will benefit you as a student or an employee

  1. Concentration. You probably have seen the people who play video games – it is impossible to distract them and talk to them while the game is still on. This is the concentration required for completing an assignment at school or work that would bring excellent results.
  2. Risk-taking. Games are structured that way to break the apparent logic and sometimes force players to risk it all and go for it. Additionally, in the game, there are moments when it is useful, or when it would crash you and the team – just like in real life.
  3. Time management. Whenever you are a teenager slightly addicted to video games, what life skill the video games can teach you is time distribution. You should plan your schedule carefully if you are still at school and want some video game time. For sure you sometimes just want to hire a writer from Edubirdie to write my paper for me and just do my paper instead of me. However, you do not always have such an opportunity. If you like spending time playing games it is crucial to still have your habits and obligations from real life around. It is very easy to get lost and concentrate on playing instead of your friends and studying which might not be the best idea.
  4. Social skills and teamworking. There are almost no video games where teamworking is not required. And there is an option to play for yourself, it is not always as efficient as team play. Which brings a great lesson and value to teens’ future.
  5. Competitive spirit. Might always be the best quality to aim for, nevertheless, it could be useful to add some spice to the work and education environment and have a little competition with mates.
  6. Stress management. Believe it or not, we do not always have stress at work and in college, games could be quite stressful too. So, in order to win, all players should handle their worries as well as possible.
  7. Strategic planning. Even though we might assume that video games are only played by dumb people, there is no way to win without strategic planning. You play aligned with your mates by the set strategy in order to achieve a desired victory. And this skill will be extremely useful for you as a student, an employee, and just in daily life.
  8. Observation. This is the skill that for sure will be developed considering the fact that there are significant [arts of the game when there is nothing particular you could do. However, you can observe, watch and learn from it.
  9. Prompt decision-making. On the other hand, there are always parts of the games that require immediate decisions and actions from you. It is an extreme challenge to make the such decision with your strategic team plan in mind and is quite a pressure.
  10. Leadership qualities. Games are very unpredictable and you never know when the leader of the group might be killed and you would need to step in his shoes. This is why the group plan always takes place so each participant could still understand the goal and how your team will particularly be participating in it. The eternal need of becoming a leader at some point raises the responsibility and involvement of each player.

To sum it up, we just noticed how much value could bring us such a simple and pleasurable hobby as playing video games. It might be considered a very harmful habit by our parents and teachers, but we could actually highlight the benefits of it. As in everything else in life, everything could be a cure or a poison depending on the amount. So you choose what it will be.





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