NHL 20 Franchise Mode: Best Young Right Wingers

If your franchise wants the top scorer of the future, turn to one of these right wingers.

When it comes to Franchise Mode on NHL 20, one of the most satisfying elements is giving young talents a chance in your NHL lines and developing them into world-beating superstars.

If you have a top-class centre, your right wing is bound to become crucial to their stat accumulation by feeding the puck and mopping up saved shots while you try to create a pairing as close as you can get to the duo of Jari Kurri and Wayne Gretzky. The right wing is somewhat lacking in stud talents in NHL 20, but if you bring up the right skater, they can become crucial to your team.

So, here are the best young right wingers in NHL 20’s Franchise Mode. They are all 21-years-old or younger, with all of the figures taken from the 10 October 2019 Online Roster – to give EA Sports a bit of time to adjust to the NHL rosters.

Patrik Laine, Winnipeg Jets

Overall: 87
Age: 21-years-old
Potential: Elite med
Player Type: Right Wing Sniper
Contract: $6.75 million, 2 years, 1-way
Nationality: Finnish

Claimed second only to Auston Matthews in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, the 196cm, 93kg Finnish sniper Patrik Laine continues to prove to be up to the billing of an elite-level right winger. Still only 21-years-old, Laine had 110 goals entering his fourth season, clocking three goals and 12 points through the first ten games of the current campaign. Many have hailed Laine as the Scandinavian Ovechkin: it’s hard to argue against this lofty praise.

At the start of Franchise Mode, Patrik Laine is one of the best at the right wing position with an overall rating of 87 OVR being very deceptive. While this rating is on the cusp of being among the elite of NHL 20, his is 95 hand-eye, 94 wrist shot accuracy, 93 slap shot accuracy, slap shot power, and wrist shot accuracy make him absurdly potent when bearing down on goal. The massive Finn also boasts high-80s in the important physical and skating attributes, making Laine a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

Andrei Svechnikov, Carolina Hurriances

Overall: 83
Age: 19-years-old
Potential: Elite med
Player Type: Right Wing Sniper
Contract: $0.925 million, 2 years, 2-way
Nationality: Russian

The Carolina Hurricanes have built themselves one of the most exciting young teams in the NHL, with Andrei Svechnikov set to be one of the stars of the franchise for years to come. The Canes defied the odds to even be in with a sniff of getting the top Russian sniper, overcoming odds of 3.3 per cent to reel in the second overall pick via the 2018 NHL Draft Lottery. Being careful to ease their top prospect into the big leagues, Svechnikov featured primarily in the bottom six to start his NHL career, but his 20 goals and 37 points through 82 games were more than enough to indicate his potential as a top-class goalscorer.

While he still has some way to go to refine his attribute ratings into truly elite-level numbers in NHL 20, Svechnikov starts with lofty ratings of 90 in durability, 88 in stick checking, offensive awareness, agility, and wrist shot power, as well as an 87 in puck control, slap shot power, and wrist shot power. In Franchise Mode, it doesn’t take the Russian long to establish himself as one of the league’s top scorers.

Kaapo Kakko, New York Rangers

Overall: 81
Age: 18-years-old
Potential: Elite med
Player Type: Right Wing Playmaker
Contract: $0.925 million, 3 years, 2-way
Nationality: Finnish

Just like Patrik Laine and Andrei Svechnikov, Kaapo Kakko was taken second overall. Having been taken in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft and only being 18-years-old, it may come as a surprise that the Rangers’ top prospect enters NHL 20 rated at 81 OVR. However, his 22 goals and 38 points through 45 top-flight games with TPS in Liiga and his 11 points in 18 games for the Finnish national team – seven of which came en route to Finalnd winning the 2019 World Championships – more than validate this lofty rating. Kakko impressed enough over the summer to start the season in the NHL lines, scoring his first goal in his third game for the New York Rangers.

As you would assume, Kakko’s attributes are still fairly unrefined, but he does boast several very usable ratings despite the Finn being fresh out of the draft. Shooting is the playmaker’s best column, with 88s in slap shot power, wrist shot accuracy, and wrist shot power as well as an 86 in slap shot accuracy. With 88 offensive awareness, 87 passing, 87 puck control, and 85 speed from the start of Franchise Mode, it’s clear to see that Kakko can become a very strong right winger when he develops into his Elite med potential.

Alexander Nylander, Chicago Blackhawks

Overall: 79
Age: 21-years-old
Potential: Elite med
Player Type: Right Wing Playmaker
Contract: $0.865 million, 2 years, 2-way
Nationality: Swedish

To say that Alexander Nylander struggled to catch a break with the Buffalo Sabres would be an understatement. Drafted eighth overall in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, the Swede – whose brother was already impressing for the Toronto Maple Leafs – was expected to become a hockey saviour of sorts in Buffalo. Instead, the younger Nylander never really showed enough to keep a place on the Sabres’ roster. So, for the 2019/20 season, Buffalo traded the right wing to the Chicago Blackhawks for the promising defenseman Henri Jokiharju, as shown by ESPN. Nylander was flourishing at the start of this season, nailing four points through his first five games as a Blackhawk.

The ratings team at EA Sports certainly still think that there’s a lot of potential in Alexander Nylander, refusing to waver from his Elite med potential. The right wing playmaker hosts a modest overall rating of 79 OVR at the start of Franchise Mode, but attribute ratings of 88 for deking, 88 for slap shot power, and 89 across speed, acceleration, and agility make the Swede a surprisingly useful skater to have when playing NHL 20.

Filip Zadina, Detroit Red Wings

Overall: 78
Age: 19-years-old
Potential: Elite med
Player Type: Two-Way Right Wing
Contract: $0.865 million, 3 years, 2-way
Nationality: Czech

To conclude the line-up of the best young right wings in NHL 20 is yet another European, this time being Filip Zadina from Czechia. After nailing 44 goals and 82 points in 57 games for the Halifax Mooseheads in 2017/18, the Detroit Red Wings took the Czech winger off of the board with the sixth overall pick, despite many pre-draft predictions labelling Zadina a top-three talent. Montreal’s desperate need for a center helped see Zadina slip into the welcoming arms of the Red Wings three spots down, who have preached patience for the top prospect.

With an overall rating of 78, Filip Zadina is about one season away from being truly NHL-ready in Franchise Mode, but that’s not to say that he doesn’t already tote strong stats. The Czech has an 87 for offensive awareness, 86 for both shot powers, an 83 for both shot accuracies, and 85s in accelerations, agility, and speed. However, as a two-way forward, you’d want a bit more on the physical side, with the 183cm, 89kg Zadina having a one-and-a-half star rating for his physical game from the start of NHL 20.

Those skaters shown above are the top five young right wingers in NHL 20’s Franchise Mode, but the following players are also worth a look:

Name Age Player Type Handedness Potential Overall Rating
Jesse Puljujarvi 21 Sniper Right Elite low 78
Joey Anderson 21 Two-Way Forward Right Top 9 Forward med 78
Owen Tippett 20 Sniper Right Top 6 Forward med 74
Lean Bergmann 20 Two-Way Forward Left Bottom 6 Forward med 74
Kailer Yamamoto 20 Playmaker Right Top 6 Forward med 73
Julien Gauthier 21 Power Forward Right Top 6 Forward med 73

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