NHL 20 Team Guide: Chicago Blackhawks Player Ratings, Roster & Top Prospects

Can you take the Chicago Blackhawks to glory with this roster?

They may have gone four seasons without a series victory in the playoffs, but the Chicago Blackhawks have more than earned this period of rebuilding.

Having established an almighty modern dynasty with Stanley Cup triumphs in 2010, 2013, and 2015, the legendary veterans are now guiding through the next generation.

In NHL 20, there is plenty of young and seasoned talent on this Blackhawks roster to make the team competitive in almost every match-up.

In this NHL 20 team guide, you can find all of the players on the Chicago Blackhawks roster, the best Blackhawks prospects, upcoming picks, and where the team and prospect pool needs improving.

The latest roster at the time (31 March Roster) was used for this guide.

Patrick Kane, Center, 91 OVR

Age: 30
Nationality: American
Position: Right Wing Sniper
Height/Weight: 180cm, 80kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: 97 Hand-Eye, Deking, 96 Offensive Awareness

Patrick Kane has been one of the NHL’s premier snipers for a good decade, but since turning 30-years-old, the American has put up a career-best 110 points (last season) and was enjoying a superb 2019/20 campaign.

Through 70 games, Kane scored 33 goals, 51 assists, and held a +8 rating on a team with only 33 wins and 218 goals against.

Kane is one of the easiest players to use in NHL 20, standing as one of the best snipers and one of the fastest skaters in the game.

With 97 deking, 97 hand-eye, 95 puck control, 94 slap shot accuracy, 95 wrist shot accuracy, and 90 speed, Kane is always a goal threat with the puck on his stick.

Duncan Keith, Defenseman. 85 OVR

Age: 36
Nationality: Canadian
Position: Two-Way Defenseman
Height/Weight: 185cm, 87kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: 93 Passing, Endurance, 90 Deking, Puck Control, Stick Checking, Acceleration, Speed, Durability

Every Stanley Cup-winning team has an elite-level defenseman, and Duncan Keith is Chicago’s. Even now, he’s still putting up points and commanding the blueline.

In 61 games of the locked-down campaign, the left-shot defenseman put up 27 points, a +1 rating, blocked 117 shots, and averaged over 24 minutes per game.

Keith may only be rated 85 OVR, but he still totes many lofty attribute ratings, including 90 puck control, 93 passing, 90 deking, 90 durability, 90 stick checking, and 90 poise.

Furthermore, Keith is 36-years-old, but he can certainly get around the ice with his 90 speed, 89 agility, and 90 acceleration.

Corey Crawford, Goaltender, 86 OVR

Age: 34
Nationality: Canadian
Position: Hybrid Goaltender
Height/Weight: 188cm, 98kg
Glove: Left
Best Stats: 90 Poise, Agility, Aggressiveness, Vision

While Antti Niemi’s postseason performances will always earn the credit for Chicago’s 2010 triumph, it was Corey Crawford’s consistent presence which enabled a Blackhawks dynasty thereafter.

Now aged 35, Crawford is still the number one netminder in Chicago, and deservedly so. Even though he only has 16 wins in 40 games, he’s held a strong .917 save percentage and has managed to keep a shutout.

Crawford is still a top goaltender to have between the pipes in NHL 20, boasting ratings of 90 for his poise, aggressiveness, agility, and vision.

Perhaps the only knock on Crawford in the game is his durability rating of 75, so, the chances are that you’ll want a decent, up-and-coming goaltender in reserve – which the Blackhawks certainly have on the roster already.

NHL 20 Chicago Blackhawks Roster

The majority of the team’s most influential players are heading towards or are in the twilight of their respective careers, so the top line could change a lot over the course of a year.

From the latest update, 31 March Online Roster, this is how the Chicago Blackhawks first lines start:

Alex DeBrincat (85) – Jonathan Toews (87) – Brandon Saad (83)
Duncan Keith (85) – Brent Seabrook (79)
Corey Crawford (86)

NameOverallAgePositionRoleShootsBest Stats
Jonathan Toews8731CenterTwo-WayLeft95 Poise, 93 Faceoffs, 93 Stick Checking
Dylan Strome8322CenterPlaymakerLeft90 Durability, 88 Deking, 88 Puck Control
Zack Smith7931CenterGrinderLeft90 Aggressiveness, 89 Strength, 88 Body Checking
Kirby Dach7818CenterPower ForwardRight86 Balance, 86 Slap Shot Power, 86 Wrist Shot Power
David Kampf7624CenterTwo-WayLeft85 Endurance, 85 Strength, 85 Wrist Shot Power
Brandon Saad8326Left WingTwo-WayLeft89 Durability, 88 Agility, 88 Hand-Eye
Dominik Kubalík8124Left WingPower ForwardLeft88 Slap Shot Power, 88 Wrist Shot Power, 87 Strength
Drake Caggiula7925Left WingTwo-WayLeft88 Acceleration, 88 Agility, 88 Speed
Patrick Kane9130Right WingSniperRight97 Deking, 97 Hand-Eye, 96 Passing
Alex DeBrincat8521Right WingSniperRight95 Discipline, 93 Deking, 92 Speed
Andrew Shaw8128Right WingGrinderRight90 Aggressiveness, 87 Body Checking, 87 Speed
Alexander Nylander7921Right WingPlaymakerRight89 Speed, 89 Agility, 89 Acceleration
Ryan Carpenter7828Right WingTwo-WayRight86 Discipline, 86 Durability, 85 Balance
Duncan Keith8536DefensemanTwo-WayLeft93 Endurance, 93 Passing, 90 Deking
Calvin de Haan8128DefensemanOffensiveLeft89 Endurance, 88 Agility, 88 Speed
Olli Maatta8125DefensemanTwo-WayLeft88 Stick Checking, 88 Endurance, 87 Passing
Connor Murphy8026DefensemanDefensiveRight90 Endurance, 87 Strength, 87 Stick Checking
Brent Seabrook7934DefensemanTwo-WayRight89 Shot Blocking, 88 Balance, 88 Strength
Slater Koekkoek7925DefensemanTwo-WayLeft88 Agility, 87 Endurance, 87 Speed
Nick Seeler7526DefensemanDefensiveLeft90 Aggressiveness, 88 Durability, 87 Balance
Lucas Carlsson7122DefensemanTwo-WayLeft82 Acceleration, 82 Speed, 81 Wrist Shot Power
Corey Crawford8634GoaltenderHybridLeft90 Poise, 90 Vision, 90 Aggressiveness
Malcolm Subban8025GoaltenderHybridLeft90 Speed, 90 Agility, 85 Recover

This Chicago Blackhawks team is already well into a rebuild with plenty of top-class talents getting time on the NHL lines.

This is why the Blackhawks are the best team to rebuild in NHL 20, especially as the elder statesmen are still highly-rated enough to command some serious trade returns.

That’s not to say that all of the dynasty-building, future legends should be shipped out for picks and prospects, but capitalising on the value of some of them would ensure a robust future for the franchise.

Adam Boqvist, Defenseman, 77 OVR

Age: 19
Nationality: Swedish
Position: Offensive Defenseman
Shoots: Right
Potential: Elite med

In the 2019/20 NHL season, Boqvist broke into the Blackhawks team and managed to impress, putting up four goals, 13 points, and 50 shots on goal through 41 games.

Adam Boqvist is one of the best defensive prospects in NHL 20 and is so close to being NHL-ready from the start of the game.

At the start of the second in-game season, making room for Boqvist in the Blackhawks’ defensive pairings will significantly enhance his development.

The teenage Swede already boasts very usable ratings of 86 puck control, 85 passing, 85 deking, 85 offensive awareness, 83 defensive awareness, 85 stick checking, 86 speed, and 83 wrist shot accuracy.

NHL 20 Chicago Blackhawks Top Prospects

The Blackhawks already have several great young forwards in the lines on NHL 20, with two solid defensemen coming through the system to reinforce the ageing blueline corps.

NameOverallPotentialAgePositionRoleBest Stats
Adam Boqvist77Elite med19DefensemanOffensive86 Speed, 86 Agility, 85 Passing
Nicolas Beaudin72Top 4 med19DefensemanOffensive85 Durability, 85 Agility, 85 Acceleration
Philipp Kurashev65Top 6 low19CenterPlaymaker85 Durability, 83 Agility, 83 Speed
Antti Saarela58Top 6 low18Left WingTwo-Way85 Durability, 82 Slap Shot Power, 81 Wrist Shot Power
Mackenzie Entwistle67Top 9 med20Right WingPower Forward85 Durability, 85 Slap Shot Power, 85 Wrist Shot Power
Alexandre Fortin76Top 9 med22CenterTwo-Way85 Durability, 85 Slap Shot Power, 85 Agility
Alec Regula64Top 6 med19DefensemanTwo-Way85 Durability, 85 Slap Shot Power, 84 Wrist Shot Power
Jakub Galvas63Top 6 med20DefensemanTwo-Way81 Speed, 81 Agility, 80 Acceleration
Chad Krys66Top 6 med21DefensemanTwo-Way85 Durability, 84 Speed, 84 Acceleration
Alexis Gravel65Fringe Starter med19GoaltenderHybrid85 Durability, 83 Speed, 83 Agility

Chicago Blackhawks’ upcoming draft picks:

  • 2020 Draft Picks: 1st (CHI), 2nd (PIT), 3rd (CGY), 3rd (CHI), 4th (CHI), 5th (CHI), 6th (CHI)
  • 2021 Draft Picks: 1st (CHI), 2nd(CHI), 4th (CHI), 5th (CHI), 6th (CHI), 7th (CHI), 7th (MON)
  • 2022 Draft Picks: 1st (CHI), 2nd (CHI), 3rd (CHI), 4th (CHI), 5th (CHI), 6th (CHI), 7th (CHI)

The rebuilding process is going very well for the Blackhawks, but the prospect pool could do with a few more talented wingers, and perhaps a later round gem who plays in net.

While those are lacking areas in the prospect pool now, given how the team looks to be transitioning, you could just take the best player off the board with each pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft and then see which ones get good enough quickly enough to break into the team.

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