NHL 22: Fastest Teams to Use

Speed continues to be a potent weapon in NHL 22, so make sure that you use one of the fastest teams in the game.

While not quite to the extent of the likes of Madden and FIFA, speed still comes up trumps more often than not in NHL 22. If you have a skater who can pick up enough speed as they bomb towards the blue line, they can easily blaze past a backchecking defenseman and pivot inwards to be one-on-one with the goaltender.

In any game mode, having that one speedy skater hidden in your lines can be your secret weapon that devastates opponents, particularly when short-handed. Here, however, we’ve narrowed down the NHL teams to those with the highest number of speedsters and fast skaters, giving you a gluttony of options.

So, these are the fastest teams in NHL 22, ranked by the number of fast skaters that they have in their NHL lines.

1. Toronto Maple Leafs

With four skaters boasting at least four-and-a-half stars for their skating, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the fastest NHL 22 team to use. Their star skaters have you covered across the forward lines as well as along the defensive sets.

Mitch Marner is the primary trailblazer for the Buds, boasting 90 speed, 92 acceleration, and 93 agility, but William Nylander’s certainly not a slouch either, with 90 acceleration, 92 agility, and 90 speed.

The two core pieces of each line set, Auston Matthews and Morgan Rielly, also weigh-in with superb speed ratings. Toronto’s talisman center has 88 acceleration, 89 agility, and 88 speed, while his defensive counterpart is even faster, with Rielly toting 90 agility, 90 speed, and 90 acceleration.

2. Colorado Avalanche

Topping the list of the teams with three speedster skaters, by virtue of their combined ratings being superior to those below, the Colorado Avalanche feature a somewhat novel trio. If you’re of a defence-first mindset, the Avs’ two lightning-fast defensemen and hefty center will suit you to a tee.

Nathan MacKinnon is the quickest of the bunch, weighing in with 94 speed, 95 acceleration, and 94 agility. This speed enables you to utilise his heavy set and incredible physicality instantly on the backcheck, almost like a two-way center, catching and battering down attackers with ease.

Next, you have two super-speed defensemen. Cale Makar can out-skate almost any forward in NHL 22, with his 93 acceleration, 93 speed, and 94 agility. At the same time, Samuel Girard can also keep pace with the best of them, boasting 92 acceleration, 92 speed, and 92 agility.

3. Tampa Bay Lightning

The repeat Stanley Cup champions are well-known for their offensive prowess and lethality on the break, and in NHL 22, this is reinforced through three particularly fast skaters. With three forwards featuring very high skating ratings, the Bolts are very tough to contain.

Nikita Kucherov is narrowly the quickest of the trio, with his 92 speed, 93 acceleration, and 94 agility. Just behind is Steven Stamkos, who also has 92 speed and 92 acceleration, but only 93 agility. Brayden Point completes the set with his 92 acceleration, 90 speed, and 93 agility.

4. Edmonton Oilers

One player doesn’t make a team, nor does Connor McDavid alone make the Edmonton Oilers one of the fastest teams in NHL 22, but his two rapid teammates certainly do the trick.

Of course, as the fastest skater in the game – and the winner of three All-Star Skills Competition Fastest Skater runs – the team captain is the star of the show. McDavid has been given an incredible 96 rating for his agility, speed, and acceleration. Potentially setting up on either wing alongside the generational talent, you’ve got Leon Draisaitl and Kailer Yamamoto.

The German is at the lower end of the speed scale for the featured players of the fastest teams here, with an 88 for speed, acceleration, and agility. Yamamoto, on the other hand, is far faster, with 91 acceleration, 90 speed, and 92 agility.

5. Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets are quite the unit in NHL 22. As well as ranking as one of the fastest teams thanks to their trio of speedsters, the Jets boast strength in depth, superstar talents, and a superb goaltender who’s rather tough to beat.

Still, in regards to them being one of the fastest teams in NHL 22, the Jets can feed speedsters Nikolaj Ehlers, Kyle Connor, or frontman Mark Scheifele. Of the three, it’s the Danish winger who wins the sprint, with Ehlers’ 92 acceleration, 92 agility, and 92 speed making him one of the swiftest skaters in the game.

Certainly not a slouch either, Scheifele’s 90 rating in speed, agility, and acceleration allow him to out-skate the glut of the league’s to-six centers and defensemen. Then, left winger Connor can be sent blazing down the board on the forecheck, with his 89 acceleration, 89 speed, and 92 agility often seeing him get to the puck first.

6. Washington Capitals

Despite having an ageing core, the Washington Capitals still have the talent and depth to be a constant threat in the Eastern Conference, with the hustle of their star skaters being a huge reason why they’re so competitive.

The quickest of the bunch is Evgeny Kuznetsov, being a menace with his 93 rating for agility, speed, and acceleration. Fellow center Nicklas Bäckström can melt the ice with his speed, too, boasting a 90 rating for the three speedster attributes.

Alex Ovechkin is still the team’s talisman at 36-years-old. While his 87 agility, 88 acceleration, and 88 speed aren’t the fastest of the speedsters featured here, they’re enough to get him down the flank quicker than most, with his immense physical ratings giving him the edge in closer footraces.

If you want to capitalise on the power of speed as an NHL team, be sure to feed these dominant skaters that comprise the fastest teams in NHL 22.

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