NHL 22 Player Ratings: Best Young Two-Way Defenders

Looking for a young two-way defender for your franchise? Here are the best youngsters in NHL 22.

Every franchise needs a solid two-way defender, someone who can be a stalwart on defense while shifting some focus to offense when necessary – and unexpected.

Whether you are rebuilding or retooling, finding your next two-way defender of the future is pivotal.

Choosing NHL 22’s best young two-way defenders

This list looks at the best two-way defenders with Simon Edvinsson, Rasmus Dahlin, and Ryker Evans are some of the names on this list.

The players on this list are all 21 and under, chosen based on their grade in potential.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of the best young two-way defenders in NHL 22.

Simon Edvinsson 72 OVR (Potential: Elite Med)

Team: Detroit Red Wings
Age: 18
Position: Left Defense
Type: Two-Way Defender
Shoots: Left
Contract: $0.750M, 0 Years Left, Two-Way
Best Attributes: 85 Durability, 85 Slap Shot Power, 84 Speed

Simon Edvinsson is the prized sixth overall pick from the 2021 draft for the Detroit Red Wings. The young two-way defender should grow into a good player at worst, and an All-Star at best.

His durability (85) and speed (84) are great starting points, though he will need to up his endurance (70) to best make use of his speed. He already has the makings of a good shooter with 85 in slap shot power, 82 in wrist shot power, and decent accuracies of 73 in slap shot and 75 in wrist shot.

His areas of improvement are his paltry faceoffs (50) – though that is only relevant if you want him in the faceoffs – deking (70), poise (70), and hand-eye (74). Give him the time to develop and he should reward you with stellar play for years to come.

Edvinsson, of Frölunda HC, spent time last season with the club and Sweden’s U18 team. He had one assist in ten games for the club, three assists and a goal at the U-18 World Championship, and four assists and a goal in international junior games. This season with his club team, he has four assists in eight games.

Moritz Seider 80 OVR (Potential: Elite Med)

Team: Detroit Red Wings
Age: 20
Position: Right Defense
Type: Two-Way Defender
Shoots: Right
Contract: $0.865M, 3 Years Left, Two-Way
Best Attributes: 88 Balance, 88 Body Checking, 88 Strength

2019 first rounder Moritz Seider is still just 20 with a lot of potential, and the 6’4” right-hander has what it takes to be on your first line of the future.

His balance and strength allow for good body checks, and 88s across all three are indicative that Seider knows how to transfer his balance and strength well into checks. He possesses good acceleration, agility, and speed (86) along with an aggressive side (85) buttressed by good durability and endurance (85).

His shot accuracies can improve, as his slap shot accuracy is 78 and wrist shot accuracy 80. His poise is at 75, so while decent, it should be better.

If you want him in faceoffs, you’ll need to up his paltry score of 50. The same holds true for fights as his fighting skill is 75.

Seider had ten total assists over 20 total games with the German team last season. He shined for Rögle BK (on loan) where he had 21 assists and seven goals over 41 games for 28 points. In the playoffs, he had four assists and one goal in 13 games. He will now be looking to transfer his success to Detroit.

Bowen Byram 79 OVR (Potential: Elite Med)

Team: Colorado Avalanche
Age: 20
Position: Left Defense
Type: Two-Way Defender
Shoots: Left
Contract: $0.895M, 2 Years Left, Two-Way
Best Attributes: 88 Slap Shot Power, 88 Wrist Shot Power, 87 Acceleration

The 2019 fourth overall pick, Bowen Byram makes his appearance on this list following a 19-game stint with Colorado last season.

Byram has a powerful shot with an 88 in both slap shot and wrist shot power. His accuracies are 80, so they can improve. He also boasts 87 in acceleration, agility, balance, and speed, as well as an 85 in durability and endurance, and 86 in strength. He is fast, durable, and strong.

His poise needs improvement at 75, which could help explain his faceoffs score of 55. His hand-eye, shot blocking, and discipline are all rated 80, so while good, there is a lot of room for growth.

In those 19 games last season, Byram had two assists. For Canada’s U20 team, he had four assists and one goal in seven games. He will be looking to improve upon his first 19 games at the top level in the 2021-2022 season.

Rasmus Dahlin 85 OVR (Potential: Elite Med)

Team: Buffalo Sabres
Age: 21
Position: Left Defense
Type: Two-Way Defender
Shoots: Left
Contract: $0.925M, 0 Years Left, Two-Way
Best Attributes: 89 Passing, 89 Stick Checking, 89 Slap Shot Power

Rasmus Dahlin is the highest-rated player on this list. This should come as no surprise as he was the top overall pick in the 2018 draft by Buffalo, and for good reason.

He enters this year’s game with only two skills less than 82 (faceoffs at 55, fighting skill at 70). Regardless of where you look, Dahlin is a solid player.

He has an 89 in passing, stick checking, and slap shot power; an 88 in puck control, defensive awareness, shot blocking, offensive awareness, endurance, and wrist shot power; and 87 in acceleration, agility, balance, speed, and strength. His other skills range from 82-85.

Last season in his third year with Buffalo, Dahlin had 18 assists and five goals in 56 games for 23 points, a little less than a point every two games. For his career, he has 89 assists, 18 goals, and 107 points.

Carson Lambos 68 OVR (Potential: Elite Med)

Team: Minnesota Wild
Age: 18
Position: Left Defense
Type: Two-Way Defender
Shoots: Left
Contract: $0.925M, 3 Years Left, Two-Way
Best Attributes: 85 Durability, 84 Slap Shot Power, 84 Wrist Shot Power

A late first round selection in the 2021 draft, Carson Lambos may prove to be a steal for Minnesota – or your franchise – if given the necessary time to develop.

His best attributes are his shot powers at 84 each, and his durability at 85. He has decent quickness with an 81 in acceleration and speed, and an 80 in agility. Everywhere else, he has plenty of room to improve.

His worst attributes – again, outside of faceoffs and fighting skill – are deking and hand-eye at 66 and 69, followed by poise and endurance at 70 each. He is a bit better on the defensive end as his awareness and stick checking are 78 and shot blocking at 76.

Last season for the JYP U20 team (on loan), he saw the most action with 13 games, in which he had nine assists and two goals. He joined Winnipeg Ice for two games, and is currently back with that team.

Ryker Evans 60 OVR (Potential: Elite Low)

Team: Seattle Kraken
Age: 19
Position: Left Defense/Right Defense
Type: Two-Way Defender
Shoots: Left
Contract: $0.750M, 1 Year Left, Two-Way
Best Attributes: 85 Durability, 83 Slap Shot Power, 82 Wrist Shot Power

The lowest rated overall player on this list, Ryker Evans still has good potential and could prove a boon for Seattle should he sign.

His durability of 85 at least means he can gain a lot of experience through ice time, and his slap and wrist shot powers of 83 and 82 should help him make an impact on the offensive end. In all other areas of hockey, Evans needs time to develop.

His puck skills are low with a 69 in deking and 70 in hand-eye, passing, and puck control. His poise is only at 65, and his slap and wrist shot accuracies 67 and 69. On defense, he is slightly better, but his awareness and shot blocking are only 72 with stick checking 73.

Now in his fourth season with the Regina Pats, Evans finished last season with 25 assists and three goals in 24 games, just over a point per game. He saw the most action during the 2019-2020 season, in which he had 31 points (24 assists, seven goals) over 63 games.

Rasmus Sandin 80 OVR (Potential: Top 4 D High)

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Age: 21
Position: Left Defense
Type: Two-Way Defender
Shoots: Left
Contract: $0.895M, 1 Year Left, Two-Way
Best Attributes: 87 Acceleration, 87 Agility, 87 Speed

Rasmus Sandin, former first round draft pick, still seems to have potential that Toronto hopes to unlock.

His quickness paired with good durability (85) and endurance (84) should make him perfect as a two-way defender. His defensive awareness of 84 is good, along with an 85 in shot blocking and 86 in stick checking. He has an 85 in puck control, deking, and passing, as well as an 81 in hand-eye. He can perform on both ends admirably.

After splitting time between the Maple Leafs and the Marlies the past two seasons, Sandin hopes to be a permanent fixture for the Maple Leafs this season. In nine games with the NHL team last season, he had four assists. During the 2019-2020 season, he had seven assists and a goal over 28 games for the Maple Leafs. In 21 games for the Marlies that same season, he had 13 assists and two goals.

All the best young two-way defenders in NHL 22

Take a look the best young two-way defenders in NHL 22 in the table below.

Simon EdvinssonElite Med7218Left Defense$0.750M, 0 YL, Two-Way  Detroit Red Wings
Moritz SeiderElite Med8020Right Defense$0.865M, 3 YL, Two-Way  Detroit Red Wings
Bowen ByramElite Med7920Left Defense$0.895M, 2 YL, Two-Way  Colorado Avalanche
Rasmus DahlinElite Med8521Left Defense$0.925M, 0 YL, Two-Way  Buffalo Sabres
Carson LambosElite Med6818Left Defense$0.925M, 3 YL, Two-Way  Minnesota Wild
Ryker EvansElite Low6019Left Defense/ Right Defense$0.750M, 1 YL, Two-Way  Seattle Kraken
Rasmus SandinTop 4 D High8021Left Defense$0.895M, 1 YL, TW  Toronto Maple Leafs
Victor SöderströmTop 4 D High7720Right Defense$0.865M, 3 YL, Two-Way  Arizona Coyotes
Ty SmithTop 4 D Med8421Left Defense$0.865M, 2 YL, Two-Way  New Jersey Devils
Kaedan KorczakTop 4 D Med6320Right Defense$0.790M, 3 YL, TW  Vegas Golden Knights
Helge GransTop 4 D Med5319Right Defense/ Left Defense$0.870M, 3YL, TW  Lon Angeles Kings
Alexander RomanovTop 4 D Med7921Left Defense/ Right Defense$0.790M, 1YL ,TW  Montreal Canadiens
Danil ChaykaTop 4 D Med6518Left Defense/ Right Defense$0.750M, 0 YL, Two-Way  Vegas Golden Knights
Axel AnderssonTop 4 D Med6721Right Defense$0.775M, 2 YL, TW  Anaheim Ducks
Braden SchneiderTop 4 D Med6520Right Defense/ Left Defense$0.925M, 3 YL, Two-Way  New York Rangers

Now you know which young two-way defenders your franchise should target. Who will you acquire?

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