Ninjala: All Battle Emotes and Communications List and Guide

Browse all the Ninjala Battle Emotes and Communication Stickers that you can use in the game.

Without text chat or voice chat features in Ninjala, the best way to communicate at set stages of a battle is through Battle Emotes and the Communication Sticker options.

There are several Emotes that you can bind to your Ninjala load-out, each of them making the character react differently.

On this page, you’ll find out how to use Emotes and Stickers, the difference between Emotes and Communications, and lists of the customisation items in Ninjala.

How to use Emotes

In Ninjala, you can customise your whole load-out, from weapons to costumes, from the Closet menu.

To change the Emotes in use, you need to enter the Battle Emotes section. Here, you’ll have three options for your Battle Emotes: Battle Start, Victory, and Defeat.

Which Emotes you select to each of these three options determines how your Ninjala character acts in those situations.

Once you’ve bound an Emote to these options, it will automatically be used as your character’s animation at the start of a battle, at the end of a battle when you’re victorious, or once a battle has finished and you’ve been defeated.

What are Communications?

Communications are different from Emotes in Ninjala, with Emotes being used at set times and Communications available whenever you see fit.

Also found in the Closet, you can select a different Communication wheel and Stickers to have available during battles.

You can adjust what Stickers are shown when you use Communications within this menu.

To use a Communication, you simply need to open the Communication Menu – pressing up on the d-pad with any controller set-up – and then select one of the options on the wheel.

Doing so will have your character react as well as show the sticker.

Ninjala Battle Emotes List

These are all of the known Emotes available in Ninjala, with more to be added when they’re released to the game.

For more information on each – a description of the Emote and an image – click the links in the table.

Battle EmoteAnimation
Hey There! 
Good Job! 
Shake It 
Thomas Flare 
Hip Hop Ninja #1 
Na-Na Boo-Boo 
No way… 

Ninjala Communication Stickers List

These are all of the Communication Stickers known to be available in Ninjala. More will be added to the list when they’re released in the game.

If you want to know more about a Sticker, such as its description and an image, click the links in the table.

Communication StickerIcon
Face: Smiling 
Face: Laughing 
Face: Weeping 
Face: Angry 
Hands: Thumbs Up 
Van: Ninja Pose 
Berecca: Happy 
Ron: Dejected 
Lucy: Rage 
Gumchi: Stance 
Exclamation Point 

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