Ninjala: BB Dancer Cap (Headgear)

Here’s all of the information there is on the Ninjala headgear customisation item BB Dancer Cap.

BB Dancer Cap

The BB Dancer Cap is one of many caps and hats which feature in the selection of headgear avatar items on Ninjala.

To find and equip the BB Dancer Cap, or any other headgear item, you need to go into the Closet, then the Avatar section, and then find the cap icon option under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab.

On the next screen, you’ll be able to see your BB Dancer Cap and equip it to your character.

Official Description

“Work cap with metallic parts. Hair tangles can be prevented by wearing the bandana included in the set.”

Fashion Brand: Beat Jungle



The BB Dancer Cap item of headgear features an oversized black cap with white zigzags running across the piece of apparel. There is also has a bronze ‘D’ strapped to the top of the cap and a bandana being worn underneath.

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