Ninjala: Beat Jungle (Fashion Brand)

Find all of the Ninjala avatar customisation items that are created by the in-game fashion brand Beat Jungle on this page.

Beat Jungle

Beat Jungle is one of the in-game fashion brands of Ninjala. Its logo is attached to several different types of apparel.

Beat Jungle is the fashion brand behind the BB Dancer and Street Ninja lines, and it created Emma’s costume.

Beat Jungle Avatar Items List

These are all of the known Ninjala customisation items that come under the Beat Jungle fashion brand.

For more details on each item – mostly its description and appearance – click the links in the table.

This list will be updated as more items are revealed in the game.

Beat Jungle ItemApparel TypeIcon
BB Dancer CapHeadgear 
BB Dancer JerseyCostume 
Emma’s AttireCostume 
Kunai Knit CapHeadgear 
Street Ninja GarbCostume 
Street Ninja MaskFacial Accessory 

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