Ninjala: ‘Berecca: Happy’ Sticker

Use the ‘Berecca: Happy’ Sticker in Ninjala when you want to communicate on the battlefield.

Berecca: Happy

The Berecca: Happy is one of many Stickers that can be added to your avatar’s communications wheel. To use the Sticker, press up on the d-pad and select it from the communications wheel.

To adjust which Stickers you have available in each Ninjala match, go into the Closet and then the Communications menu.

‘Berecca: Happy’ Official Description

“Sticker that is full of joy. The wide-open arms are most welcoming. It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how much fun you manage to have.”

‘Berecca: Happy’ Appearance

The Berecca: Happy Sticker choice shows a little graphic of an anime Berecca, ready to hug someone.

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