Ninjala: Berecca’s Attire (Costume)

Check out the Ninjala costume Berecca’s Attire right here!

Berecca’s Attire

Berecca’s Attire is the default costume for the character Berecca, but it can be used to customise your Ninjala avatar too.

To find and equip Berecca’s Attire, you need to enter the Closet and select Avatar.

Then, under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, select the third option down (the one with a small t-shirt icon) to view all of your Ninjala costumes.

Official Description

“Casual and comfortable outfit and shoes. The skull sock bands are a big hit with young women.”

Fashion Brand: 1080



The Berecca’s Attire costume features a yellow zip-up jumper with a big purple zipper as well as pink-and-black banded socks topped by mini white skull decorations.

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