Ninjala: Berecca’s Face (Avatar Customisation)

Find details about the Avatar Face selection Berecca’s Face on this page.

Berecca’s Face

There are eight total faces in Ninjala, at launch, with Berecca’s Face belonging to the cheerful character Berecca.

You can apply Berecca’s Face to any ninja load-out by going into the Closet, then the Avatar Menu, and then by pressing R to go to the ‘Customise’ tab. Here, go to the third option down, marked by a little head silhouette.

Official Description

“Cheerful yet mature face. The word ‘reliable’ comes to mind.”


As with any of the eight character faces that you can choose from in Ninjala, you can select one of 12 skin colours.

To do this, go back out to the ‘Customise’ tab and change the second option within the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

For the default colour of Berecca’s face, select the second one in along the top row.

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