Ninjala: Burton’s Attire (Costume)

Check out the Ninjala costume Burton’s Attire right here!

Burton’s Attire

Burton’s Attire is the default costume for the character Burton, but you can use it on your Ninjala avatar too.

To find and equip Burton’s Attire, you need to enter the Closet and select Avatar.

Then, under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, select the third option down, with the t-shirt icon, to view all of your Ninjala costumes.

Official Description

“The slender lines of this outfit and shoe ensemble simply exude cool. For those who appreciate a more mature aesthetic.”

Fashion Brand: Sydney James



The Burton’s Attire costume takes the form of a long blue, almost lab coat-esque top upper-body layer with a graphic t-shirt underneath. It also features black trousers with blue-sole trainers.

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