Ninjala: Burton’s Glasses (Facial Accessory)

Here are all of the details about Burton’s Glasses, which are one of the facial accessories in Ninjala.

Burton’s Glasses

Burton’s Glasses are a key part of the default load-out for the Ninjala character Burton, but they can also be used to customise your own ninja.

To access the facial accessories of Ninjala, including Burton’s Glasses, you need to enter the Closet and then the Avatar menu.

From here, on the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, select the option with the sunglasses icon to remove or replace the facial accessory worn by your Ninjala character.

Official Description

“Glasses with thick half-rims. The square frames give them a refined, mature look.”

Fashion Brand: Sydney James



Burton’s Glasses take the form of some fairly standard glasses, featuring bold blue half-rims to make them noticeable.

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