Ninjala: Burton’s Headphones (Headgear)

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Burton’s Headphones

Burton’s Headphones are a key piece of the default avatar load-out for the Ninjala character Burton. You can also add this headgear item to your customised ninja.

To find and equip any headgear, including Burton’s Headphones, visit the Closet and then the Avatar menu. Under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, select the first option with a baseball cap icon.

On the next screen, you can find Burton’s Headphones and other headgear items to equip to your character.

Official Description

“Standard over-the-ear headphones. Sometimes no decoration is the best decoration.”

Fashion Brand: Sydney James



Burton’s go-to headgear item features black pads with silver and purple colouration across the rest of the set. Burton’s Headphones are one of the more simple pieces of headgear in the game.

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