Ninjala: Characters List

Find out about the ninja descendants who make up the character roster of Ninjala.

At launch, there are eight playable characters that anyone can select. All of them have turned up to compete in the Ninjala tournament and prove that they are the best.

They each have their own personalities, backstories, and appearances, making for a colourful cast of ninjas to pick from.

Here’s some background information on how the Ninjala characters came into being, as well as a list of all of the playable ninjas of the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

What are the origins of the Ninjala characters?

Image Source: PlayNinjala

Ninjas have been in and amongst society for centuries, but very few people know of their existence.

Once, in the warring times of ancient Japan, the ninja were revered and played a crucial part in the wars of the land.

When the battles had been won, and the wars concluded, the civilians of the land drove the ninja away. Some remained in Japan, cloaked as common folk, while others settled elsewhere in the world.

Being required to hide their incredible abilities in battle and espionage, the art of the ninja was seemingly lost to time, with the ninja bloodlines thinning through their forced integration with different societies.

However, knowing of the might of their ancestry and the power that still existed in their DNA, the descendants of the ancient ninja sought to honour the legacy of their predecessors.

Those who knew of their heritage banded together to forge the World Ninja Association. Through the WNA, the descendants aim to preserve the ways of their great ancestors and bring the way of the ninja to the modern-day.

To achieve this feat, the descendants knew that unlocking the full power of their DNA was a must. Through years of research, a team finally created the Ninja-Gum edible.

By eating Ninja-Gum, ninja descendants can harness the power of their bloodline, use incredible ninja abilities, and synthesise ninja weaponry.

But doing so comes at a cost to adult consumers, as their bodies revert to a child-like state – but they can still make use of their newfound ninja powers.

Now that ninja descendants are capable of summoning the strength of the Shinobi, the WNA wants to go further and create the ultimate Ninja-Gum.

To do this, though, they’ll need the most powerful ninja DNA.

So, the Ninjala Tournament was created to allow ninjas to compete and prove that they are the most powerful of all ninja descendants.

Ninjala characters list

Here’s the list of the characters in Ninjala with links to their character pages for more information.

Character ArtName

Simone Rhea

Started off on PC with classic simulation titles but now plays any game that looks appealing across all three of the major consoles.