Ninjala: Complete Headgear Customisation Items List and Guide

Browse through all of the headgear that can be used to customise your character in Ninjala on this page.

Headgear cosmetic items in Ninjala range a great deal in how much they stand out as a part of your ninja’s appearance, from the more subtle headdresses to the head-covering masks.

So, what headgear customisation items can you find in Ninjala?

How to change Headgear in Ninjala

To make use of some headgear on your avatar, you’ll need to go into the Closet and then select ‘Avatar.’ On the next screen, pick the top option – the one that features a baseball cap icon.

How to use Headgear in Ninjala

Regardless of which headgear item you apply to your avatar, your selection will not impact your performance in matches as Ninjala headgear items are purely cosmetic.

However, you can use different headgear items to customise your load-out, which is done in the Avatar menu, as noted above.

Ninjala Headgear List

Find all of the known headgear items for Ninjala in the table below. If you’d like to know more about each bit of headgear – mostly just its description and appearance – click on the links.

In Ninjala, each of these apparel items are made by a fashion brand which creates whole lines of avatar items in set themes. If you’d like to see more items from any of the brands listed below, consult the Ninjala Fashion Brands page.

The table below will be updated as more items are revealed in the game.

BB Dancer CapBeat Jungle 
Bunny EarsTrick in the Pack 
Burton’s HeadphonesSydney James 
Cyber 2200 ReceiverAlter Lapse 
Jane’s SunglassesFreedom & Peace 
Kunai HeaddressSydney James 
Kunai Knit CapBeat Jungle 
Shinobi HachiganeXinobi 
Spy HatTrick in the Pack 
Strawberry Soft ServeTrick in the Pack 
Trad Ninja HoodXinobi 
Whinny MaskTrick in the Pack 

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