Ninjala: Discerning Eye Shinobi Card

Find everything that you need to know about the Ninjala Shinobi Card called Discerning Eye.

Discerning Eye

Discerning Eye is one of the many Shinobi Cards that you can apply to your character in Ninjala. This card helps you to locate Drones across the map and has its own set of Assist Codes that you can upgrade.

Discerning Eye Official Description

“Drone locations can be seen through walls within a certain range.”

Discerning Eye Information

  • Shinobi Card Icon:
  • Initial Cost: 8
  • Required Medals: 0 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Bronze
  • Assist Code 1: Display Distance+
  • Assist Code 2: Movement Speed+
  • Assist Code 3: Tsuiseki

Discerning Eye Assist Codes

Display Distance+: The first Assist Code for Discerning Eye increases the detection range of the ability. Using this Assist Code will increase the cost by +2.

Movement Speed+: The second Assist Code for Discerning Eye grants you a temporary increase to your movement speed when you defeat Drones. Using this Assist Code will increase the cost by +4.

Tsuiseki: The third Assist Code for Discerning Eye will temporarily reveal the position of nearby foes after you destroy a Drone. Using this Assist Code will increase the cost by +2.

Discerning Eye Shinobi Card

The Shinobi Card for Discerning Eye depicts Lucy targeting a Red Drone.

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