Ninjala: ‘Disgusted’ Battle Emote

Have your Ninjala character use the Battle Emote ‘Disgusted’ at the start, when you win, or when you lose.


‘Disgusted’ can be set to any of the three Battle Emote options for your Ninjala character, customising their behaviour at set stages of a match.

By going into the Closet and then the Battle Emotes menu, you can change your victory emote, defeat emote, and the way in which your character emotes when a battle begins.

‘Disgusted’ Official Description

“A gesture for when you’re despondent. Let out your feelings of frustration and then push on forward.”

‘Disgusted’ Animation

Your Ninjala character will throw their arms in the air in a fit of rage and scream at the screen. This Battle Emote is most likely designed for a ninja in defeat.

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