Ninjala: Drill Beast Weapon

Find all of the key information about the Ninjala weapon known as the Drill Beast right here.

Drill Beast

In the April open beta of Ninjala, players could use the Drill Beast. The Drill Beast is a speed-centric one-handed weapon that grants the user a unique Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, special move, abilities, and parameter adjustments.

Drill Beast Official Description

“A gum weapon good for dispersing foes. Has the ninja-like ability to dig underground and emerge to surprise your foes.”

Drill Beast Information

  • Equipment Icon:
  • Weapon Class: Katana
  • Gum Shoot: Gum Grenade
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Punishing Blade
  • Special: Here and There
  • Abilities: Miracle Charge, Stealth Attack
  • Adjust Parameters:  300  100

Drill Beast Gum Shoot

Gum Grenade: The Gum Grenade floats and can be detonated early (before hitting a foe) by the user blowing another gum bubble.

Drill Beast Gum Ninjutsu

Punishing Blade: With this Gum Ninjutsu move, you draw a gum blade that will shoot gum when you perform an attack.

Drill Beast Special

Here and There: This special move sees you dive underground, where you’re able to move around, and then perform an attack when you emerge.

Drill Beast Abilities

Miracle Charge (Primary Ability): Every time you use your Gum Ninjutsu, you’ll recover some health.

Stealth Attack (Big Weapon): When your special attacks are successful, your special cooldown time will reset.

Ninja-Gum: Drill Beast

Official Description: “Gum decorated with a unique face. Forms a drill-shaped gum weapon. The taste changes with each bite.”

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