Ninjala: Eagle City Stage

Find out what you’ll encounter in the Eagle City stage of Ninjala.

Eagle City

The Eagle City stage was introduced prior to the full launch of Ninjala, showcasing a sprawling urban area of battle.

Not only is Eagle City a large arena with lots of buildings and scenery, but it also features several gadgets.

Official Description

“An urban metropolis with modern buildings.”

Stage Information

Eagle City offers a large stage to explore, with towering buildings, an open bridge, trucks, and even a half-court.

When competing on this stage, you’ll be able to run up walls, hop from building to building, duel in the streets, or go all-in on a battle for the bridge.

Due to the stage having several different levels, environment items, and areas of combat, almost all strategies can be find success in Eagle City.

Sneaky ninjas could make full use of gum morphing, while those who like to attack from range can utilise building tops and scaling walls to get an edge.

Stage Gadgets and Tools

The Eagle City stage features three special gadgets that are dotted around the arena: Rails, Dash Plates, and Jump Pads.

Eagle City Rails

Image Source: Ninjala

The Rails are long strings of pink gum which are used as connections between building tops. Once you get on top of one, you can moderate your movement speed on the Rail should you wish to go slower or faster.

Dash Plates

Image Source: Ninjala

The Dash Plates are found on the sides of buildings. When you run along one, you do so at a significantly increased speed – making for a useful tool if you want to make a quick getaway or get to a Drone before other ninjas.

Jump Pads

Image Source: Ninjala

Jump Pads are the large spring devices found across the Eagle City map. By jumping on one, you’ll be vaulted much higher and further than your usual jump would allow.

In Training

If you enter Eagle City as your training mode stage, you’ll be able to adjust aspects of the experience.

In Training Menu, go to Player Settings. Here, you’ll be able to change some features around, such as the size of your S-Energy gauge, if you have a big weapon readily available, and which special you want to use.

You can also change the set-up of the opposing character for your Eagle City training.  

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