Ninjala: ‘Face: Angry’ Sticker

Pop the ‘Face: Angry’ Sticker in Ninjala when you want to communicate on the battlefield.

Face: Angry

Face: Angry is one of the Sticker selections available to your Ninjala character. You can make your avatar use the Sticker by pressing up on the d-pad and selecting it from the wheel.

To adjust which Stickers you have available in battle, you can change the communications wheel selected by going into the Closet and then the Communications menu.

‘Face: Angry’ Official Description

“Sticker with a furious expression. For when you are miffed, or maybe also when you’re amped up.”

‘Face: Angry’ Appearance

The Face: Angry Sticker shows a regular yellow emoticon turned a deep red, with the look of pure anger across its face.

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