Ninjala: ‘Face: Laughing’ Sticker

Pop the ‘Face: Laughing’ Sticker in Ninjala when you want to communicate on the battlefield.

Face: Laughing

Face: Laughing is one of the customisation Stickers that you can bind to your Ninjala character’s communication wheel. You can then use the Sticker in battle by pressing up on the d-pad and selecting it from the wheel.

To adjust which Stickers you have available during Ninjala matches, you can change the communications wheel selected by going into the Closet and then the Communications menu.

‘Face: Laughing’ Official Description

“Sticker that is laughing with joy. Etiquette dictates that you should sometimes laugh even when the jokes aren’t funny.”

‘Face: Laughing’ Appearance

Using the Face: Laughing Sticker from the communication wheel will see your avatar pop-up a yellow laughing face.

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