Ninjala Guide: How to Change Your Gum

Here’s how you change the aesthetics of your weapons in Ninjala by consuming a different piece of Ninja-Gum.

Ninja-Gum is the term given to weapon skins in Ninjala. There are several pieces of gum for each of the 12 weapons in the game, many of which can be unlocked by battling online.

If you’ve played some multiplayer rounds, you will have most likely been rewarded with some gum. Now, you’re probably wondering how to equip it to your load-out.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide of how to change your gum, as well as how to use Ninja-Gum.

A step-by-step guide to changing your gum in Ninjala

Step 1: Go into the Closet section from the main area.

Step 2: From the Closet, select the Battle Equipment option.

Step 3: Next, move the cursor over your selected weapon and press A to see all of your weapons and their gum, or press Y to go straight into that weapon’s Ninja-Gum selection.

Step 4: Select your weapon of choice by pressing A to equip it, and then press Y to change its appearance by changing gum.

The small numbers in red show you how many gums you have for that weapon, which you haven’t seen from your inventory yet.

Step 5: Scroll between the available gum to see what they look like in the hands of your ninja.

When you find one that you like, press A to equip the Ninja-Gum. Doing this will present a tick on the gum to confirm its selection.

The numbers on each icon indicate how many uses that particular gum has left. One battle will burn one use from that tally. When the tally reaches zero, the gum will disappear from your inventory.

Step 6: Press B to back out to the Equipment menu. If you’ve changed gum, you’ll now see your ninja holding the weapon in the new aesthetic granted by the skin.

How to use gum in Ninjala

While you can equip any piece of gum that you have to its respective weapon, Ninja-Gum is a consumable item.

So, once you’ve used up your full stock of a gum type, you’ll have to wait to win some more before you can use it again.

The gum is purely cosmetic to your Ninjala weapon. Regardless of how you make your weapon look, the Ninjutsu, abilities, parameters, and all the rest of the performance-influencing aspects will remain exactly the same.

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