Ninjala: Complete Gum Bottles List

Which Gum Bottle will you choose to house your Ninja-Gum?

As a part of the massive range of customisation items available to your Ninjala character, you can also change which Gum Bottle you have equipped.

The Gum Bottle sits on the back of your ninja and houses your Ninja-Gum of choice. As such, you can further alter the appearance of the Gum Bottle by selecting a different gum.

Gum Bottles are purely cosmetic, so your selection doesn’t impact your performance in the field of battle. However, there are a few to choose from which change your look significantly.

So, here are all of the Gum Bottles that we know of in Ninjala so far:

Ninjala Gum Bottles List

These are all of the Gum Bottle customisation items that we’ve found in Ninjala. The list will be updated as more items are unveiled and released to the game.

If you’d like to see the other items that each of the brands create, as they often run themes of items, consult the Ninjala Fashion Brands page.

For more information on each Gum Bottle – primarily just a closer look and the official description – click the links in the table.

Gum BottlesIconBrand
Ninja-Gum Bottle 
Samurai Clan 
Word Balloon Bottle 

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