Ninjala: Gum Utsusemi List and How to Enhance Guide

Find a list of all of Ninjala’s Gum Utsusemi forms as well as how to use the ability.

Ninjas are well-known as being able to hide in plain sight. In Ninjala, players are given two sets of controls to allow them to disguise themselves as something other than their character.

The Gum Morphing move hides the character as an inanimate object. Using the Gum Utsusemi move will disguise you as an object of your choice.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Gum Utsusemi as well as a list of all of the Gum Utsusemi forms that we know of so far.

How do you use Gum Utsusemi?

Regardless of which of the four control types that you use, activating the Gum Utsusemi move and setting your Gum Utsusemi require the same button press.

To first set your Gum Utsusemi, simply press right on the d-pad. To then use your Gum Utsusemi and transform into the selected form, press down on the d-pad.

Can you enhance the Gum Utsusemi?

Like many of your abilities and moves in Ninjala, your Gum Utsusemi can be enhanced by applying a specific Shinobi Card to your character.

Applying the Shinobi Card called Utsusemi Master to your character will enhance your Gum Utsusemi move.

Using the eight-cost card will cause a Gum Utsusemi to explode and cause gum damage when touched by an enemy.

The card can then be upgraded through Assist Codes which expand its explosion range, increase gum damage, and reveal enemy locations but also raise the cost of the card.

Ninjala Gum Utsusemi List

Find all of the Gum Utsusemi forms that have been unveiled for Ninjala in the list below.

For more information on each Gum Utsusemi – mainly, their official descriptions – follow the links in the table.

Gum UtsusemiForm
Utsusemi! Bus 
Utsusemi! Goddess 
Utsusemi! Gumchi 

This article and the table shall be updated when more information becomes available.

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