Ninjala: ‘Gumchi: Stance’ Sticker

Use the ‘Gumchi: Stance’ Sticker in Ninjala when you want to communicate on the battlefield.

Gumchi: Stance

You can use the Gumchi: Stance option on your Ninjala loadout – applying it as one of the Stickers on a communications wheel.

If you want your character to show this Sticker in battle, press up on the d-pad and select it from the communications wheel. If you wish to alter the Stickers on your wheels, go into the Closet and then the Communications menu.

‘Gumchi: Stance’ Official Description

“Sticker holding a shuriken. You might look like you’re kidding around, but you’re dead serious.”

‘Gumchi: Stance’ Appearance

The enigmatic alien Gumchi takes centre stage with this Ninjala Sticker. It shows the yellow extraterrestrial wielding a shuriken, looking like it’s ready to throw the ninja weapon.

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