Ninjala: ‘Hey There’ Battle Emote

Have your Ninjala character use the Battle Emote ‘Hey There’ at the start, when you win, or when you lose.

Hey There!

‘Hey There’ is one of the many Battle Emotes that you can apply to your character in Ninjala. Applying it changes how your ninja reacts at the beginning and the end of a battle.  

By going into the Closet and then the Battle Emotes menu, you can change how your character emotes at the start of a match and at the end, in victory and defeat.

‘Hey There’ Official Description

“A simple wave of the hand. Win over others with a cheerful smile and this friendly gesture.”

‘Hey There’ Animation

The Hey There action simply shows your character waving their hand at the screen: worthy of use in any of the three Battle Emote options.

Ben Chopping

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