Ninjala: ‘Hip Hop Ninja #1’ Battle Emote

Have your Ninjala character use the Battle Emote ‘Hip Hop Ninja #1’ at the start, when you win, or when you lose.

Hip Hop Ninja #1

There are several Battle Emotes that you can use to customise your Ninjala character, with ‘Hip Hop Ninja #1’ being one of the more noticeable. Selecting the action changes the animation that you ninja performs at the beginning and the end of a battle.  

By going into the Closet and then the Battle Emotes menu, you can change how your character reacts at the start of a match, when you win, and if you lose.

‘Hip Hop Ninja #1’ Official Description

“Strike a victory pose. Ninja can’t help performing a mudra no matter what the pose.”

‘Hip Hop Ninja #1’ Animation

The Hip Hop Ninja #1 Battle Emote sees the ninja perform a flip before striking a victory pose with the mudra hand gesture. This flashy move appears to have been designed for use before a battle and in victory.

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