Ninjala: All Ippon Decorations List and Guide

Give your mighty Ippon triumphs some added flair with these Ippon Decorations.

There are two key methods of ticking up your score at the end of a Ninjala match: smashing drones and scoring Ippons.

Everyone in the arena will be looking to defeat you via Ippon, so when you are able to turn the tables and Ippon them, you may as well celebrate in style.

There’s not much to the Ippon Decorations, what with them being cosmetic, but they do allow you to customise your loadout further.

Here, you’ll find a brief detailing of what Ippon Decorations do and how to equip them, as well as a list of all of the known Ninjala Ippon Decorations.

What do Ippon Decorations do?

An Ippon Decoration is the graphic that bursts onto the screen when you defeat an opponent by Ippon.

These items are purely cosmetic, not impacting your performance in battle, and come in many forms.

You can only have one Ippon Decoration equipped to your character at any one time, which you can do by going into the Closet’s Avatar Menu.

Ninjala Ippon Decorations List

This is the list of all of the Ippon Decorations known to be in the free-to-play game Ninjala.

You can click the links in the table for a better view of the Ippon Decoration, as well as see the cosmetic item’s description.

Ippon DecorationIcon
JP Calligraphy 1 
Neon Sign 1 
Postmodern 1