Ninjala: Ippon Katana Weapon

Find all of the key information about the Ninjala weapon known as the Ippon Katana right here.

Image Source: Ninjala

Ippon Katana

The poster weapon of Ninjala from the beginning: the Ippon Katana is all about agility. It’s a one-handed weapon that grants the user a unique Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, special move, abilities, and parameter adjustments.

Ippon Katana Official Description

“A gum weapon featuring good mobility and rushing power. Unleash attacks easily, and power up when you defeat an opponent.”

Ippon Katana Information

  • Equipment Icon:
  • Weapon Class: Katana
  • Gum Shoot: Gum Launcher
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Ninja Tornado
  • Special: Charging Slash
  • Abilities: Chakra, Kamikaze
  • Adjust Parameters: 300 100

Ippon Katana Gum Shoot

Gum Launcher: The gum bubble homes in on your opponent and then explodes.

Ippon Katana Gum Ninjutsu

Ninja Tornado: With this Gum Ninjutsu, you take the form of a towering gum tornado, rotating rapidly while rushing towards your foe.

Ippon Katana Special

Charging Slash: Triggering this special move will see you charge at your opponent with a quick attack.

Ippon Katana Abilities

Chakra (Primary Ability): When you defeat a foe, your special attack cooldown will fully reset.

Kamikaze (Big Weapon Ability): Your movement speed increases when you defeat an enemy by using a special move.

Ninja-Gum: Ippon Gum

Image Source: Ninjala

Official Description: “Gum that has been polished into a perfect sphere. For ambitious types looking to be number one.”

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