Ninjala: Jane’s Sunglasses (Headgear)

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Jane’s Sunglasses

Jane’s Sunglasses are the headgear piece of choice for the Ninjala character Jane. However, they can also be used to customise your ninja if you so choose.

To put Jane’s Sunglasses on your avatar, go to the Avatar menu in the Closet. From there, and under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, select the option marked by a baseball cap icon.

On the next screen, you’ll be able to find Jane’s Sunglasses and your other headgear options to switch and bind to your Ninjala load-out.

Official Description

“Round frame sunglasses with a retro feel. A special model designed to be worn on the head.”

Fashion Brand: Freedom & Peace



The Jane’s Sunglasses headgear item sits on the top of your character’s head, with the sunglasses being cream-coloured, rounded, and with tinted lenses.

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