Ninjala: JP Calligraphy 1 Ippon Decoration

Here’s what information there is on the cosmetic item JP Calligraphy 1.

JP Calligraphy 1

JP Calligraphy 1 is one of the many Ippon Decorations that you can use to customise your character in Ninjala.

By going into your Closet and then the Avatar Menu, you can see all of this type of customisation item under the ‘IPPON Decorations’ option.

Official Description

“Japanese calligraphy-style IPPON flourish. By putting a sharp and firm pressure on the pressure, a stronger impression.”

  • This will likely be edited in time for the full launch of Ninjala. For now, following the second open beta, this is how the official description reads.


JP Calligraphy 1 features black on top of white lettering in the style of Japanese calligraphy using the Latin alphabet to spell ‘Ippon.’

The Ippon Decoration is further stylised with black and white inkblots to the left and bottom right of the graphic.

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