Ninjala: Kappei’s Face (Avatar Customisation)

Find out more about the Kappei’s Face customisation in Ninjala right here.

Kappei’s Face

In Ninjala, you can pick from eight different face customisations. Kappei’s Face is one such face customisation, being the face used to build the character Kappei.

To find and equip Kappei’s Face to your ninja load-out, head to the Avatar section of the Closet.

From there, press R to get to the ‘Customise’ page. Pick the third option down, denoted by the head silhouette icon, to change the face of your avatar.

Official Description

“Innocent, childlike face. The sparkling chestnut-shaped eyes are full of vigour.”


All Ninjala faces, including Kappei’s Face, can be further customised by selecting one of the 12 skin colours.

To change the skin colour, go back to the ‘Customise’ tab and change the second option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

For the default colour of Kappei’s face, pick the first colour from the left, on the second row.  

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