Ninjala: Kappei’s Nose Tape (Facial Accessory)

Find out about the Ninjala facial accessory Kappei’s Nose Tape right here.

Kappei’s Nose Tape

The Kappei’s Nose Tape facial accessory is part of the default set-up for the Ninjala character Kappei. However, you can also add this more minimal facial accessory to your customised ninja.

To access Kappei’s Nose Tape and the other Ninjala facial accessories, you need to go into the Closet menu and then select ‘Avatar’.

Under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, you’ll be able to see an option that features a sunglasses icon: select it to find and equip your facial accessories.

Official Description

“Athletic tape crafted to go over the nose. When applied, it acts as a breathing aid. It can be worn as a fashion statement as well.”

Fashion Brand: Xinobi



The Kappei’s Nose Tape is the most minimal and simplistic facial accessory in Ninjala, merely taking the form of a small bit of white tape placed over the bridge of your ninja’s nose.

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