Ninjala: Kunai Headdress (Headgear)

Find details for the Ninjala headgear item ‘Kunai Headdress’ right here.

Kunai Headdress

The Kunai Headdress is one of the more elegant headgear items which you can use to customise your Ninjala character.

To put the Kunai Headdress on your avatar, make your way to the Avatar section of the Closet. Then, select the option denoted by the baseball cap icon within the Avatar Items tab.

On the next screen, you’ll be able to find the Kunai Headdress and other headgear accessories, which you can then apply to your ninja.

Official Description

“Headwear that combines lace with a large kunai (ninja dagger). The kunai is obviously not real.”

Fashion Brand: Sydney James



Combining fashion with a dangerous mystique, the Kunai Headdress headgear item sees the ninja fix a black kunai dagger to their hair.

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