Ninjala: Kunai Knit Cap (Headgear)

Find details for the Ninjala headgear item ‘Kunai Knit Cap’ on this page.

Kunai Knit Cap

The Kunai Knit Cap is one of the hat-type headgear items that you can put on the head of your customised Ninjala avatar.

To make your ninja wear the Kunai Knit Cap, make your way to the Avatar part of the Closet. Then, select the first option – marked by the baseball cap icon – of the Avatar Items tab.

On the next screen, you’ll be able to find all of your headgear cosmetic items, such as the Kunai Knit Cap, which you can then use for your Ninjala load-out.

Official Description

“Knit cap with a kunai (ninja dagger) logo. Unfortunately, the kunai is not real.”

Fashion Brand: Beat Jungle



The Kunai Knit Cap headgear takes the form of a black beanie with ‘KUNOICHI’ scribed across the front in white. There is also a kunai dagger hooked through the top.

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