Ninjala: Long Dreads (Hairstyle)

Find out more about Emma’s favoured Ninjala hairstyle, ‘Long Dreads,’ right here.

Long Dreads

The Long Dreads hairstyle is the hairdo of choice for the Ninjala character Emma, who wears a blue band over green dreadlocks.

To use Long Dreads to customise your avatar, you need to go into the Avatar menu within the Closet. Next, press R to move to the ‘Customise’ tab and then select the option denoted by the comb icon.

On the next screen, you can pick Long Dreads and any of the other Ninjala hairstyles to apply to your ninja.

Official Description

“Dreadlocks tied at a high position. Hair accessories really add flavour to dreads.”



Above, Berecca models a blonde Long Dreads hairdo.

The Long Dreads hairstyle gives your ninja big dreadlocks that partly fall down the face and are partly tied up to provide the hairdo with even more volume. The look is complemented by a big band and several metallic accessories.

Switching the colour of the Long Dreads with any available colour on the palette below will show several different tones of the selected colour across the hairstyle. Also, the band and accessories will change colour.

To change the colour of your Long Dreads hairstyle, go to the ‘Customise’ section of the Avatar screen, and then the first option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

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