Ninjala: Lucy’s Eyepatch (Facial Accessory)

Find the details for the Ninjala facial accessory ‘Lucy’s Eyepatch’ right here.

Lucy’s Eyepatch

The Lucy’s Eyepatch facial accessory is a crucial part of the default attire belonging to the Ninjala character Lucy. Even if you’re not using a Lucy set-up in Ninjala, you can still use the eyepatch to customise your ninja.

To find Lucy’s Eyepatch, and any other facial accessory in Ninjala, you need to go into the Closet and then into the Avatar menu.

Under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, select the option that has a sunglasses icon (the second one from the top). Here, you’ll find all of your facial accessories.

Official Description

“A cloth Eyepatch. Strictly for fashion use. These aren’t the ones you get at the hospital.”

Fashion Brand: HoneyPunk



The Lucy’s Eyepatch facial accessory sees a bandage-like eyepatch placed over your ninja’s right eye, with two thin white straps to hold it in place.

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