Ninjala: Lucy’s Face (Avatar Customisation)

Find out more about the Lucy’s Face customisation of Ninjala on this page.

Lucy’s Face

In Ninjala, Lucy’s Face is one of the eight different face customisations that you can pick from, with it being the default selection for building the excitable character Lucy.

To use the Lucy’s Face customisation item on your ninja avatar, go to the Avatar section of the Closet and then press R to find the ‘Customise’ page.

Here, scroll down to the third bar, which is marked by the head silhouette icon, and select it to find all of the face customisation options available in Ninjala.

Official Description

“Though youthful, this is a face that is full of bravado. There is an element of wonder as well, which leads one to ponder what the mindset of such an individual could be.”


Lucy’s Face and all of the other face customisation selections can be further customised with any of the 12 skin colours.

To change the skin colour of your character, go back to the ‘Customise’ tab, and then go to the ‘Select Colour’ menu. Pick the second colour option to see all of the skin colours.

For the default colour of Lucy’s face, pick the first colour from the left, on the first row.  

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