Ninjala: Moonlight Jumpsuit (Costume)

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Moonlight Jumpsuit

The Moonlight Jumpsuit is one of many costume options that you have for customising your Ninjala character.

To find and equip Moonlight Jumpsuit, you need to enter the Closet and select Avatar.

Then, under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, go into the option marked by a t-shirt icon to browse your Ninjala costumes.

Official Description

“Casual attire and shoes comprised of a hoodie and jacket combo. The shuriken logo adds charm.”

Fashion Brand: World Ninja Association



The Moonlight Jumpsuit is a hefty, puffy costume, featuring an orange and white jacket over the top of an aqua-coloured hoodie. The hoodie features a graphic of a shuriken.

Ben Chopping

Will give almost any game a chance, particularly those that include wildlife, monsters, or prehistoric creatures of any kind.

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