Ninjala: ‘Mudra’ Battle Emote

Have your Ninjala character use the Battle Emote ‘Mudra’ at the start, when you win, or when you lose.


Of the many Battle Emotes available for your custom-build character, ‘Mudra’ is one of the most distinct options in Ninjala.

Picking this emote changes the way that your ninja acts in defeat, victory, and when a match is booting up. By going into the Closet and then the Battle Emotes menu, you can change any of your emote selections to Mudra.

‘Mudra’ Official Description

“Draw a character in the air. Be careful not to sprain your wrist.”

‘Mudra’ Animation

The Mudra action sees your ninja wave their hands to perform a full mudra gesture. This Battle Emote can suit any of the three options available in your load-out.

Ben Chopping

Will give almost any game a chance, particularly those that include wildlife, monsters, or prehistoric creatures of any kind.