Ninjala: Neo-Shinobi Overalls (Costume)

Get the details on the Neo-Shinobi Overalls costume in Ninjala on this page.

Neo-Shinobi Overalls

The Neo-Shinobi Overalls are the default costume item of Ron, Burton, Kappei, and Van when you enter Ninjala, and can be applied to your customised load-out from the beginning.

To find and equip Neo-Shinobi Overalls, you need to enter the Closet and select Avatar.

Then, under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab, go into the third option down – marked by a t-shirt icon – to see all of your Ninjala costumes.

Official Description

“Standard garb issued to aspiring ninja by the WNA. Offers the excellent mobility and breathability a ninja needs.”

Fashion Brand: Xinobi



The Neo-Shinobi Overalls are larger than the Mini Neo-Shinobi Overalls, particularly around the legs. However, the rest of the design is still very much the same with a blue camouflage pattern and a high collar.

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