Ninjala: Neon Sign 1 Ippon Decoration

Here’s what information there is on the cosmetic item Neon Sign 1.

Neon Sign 1

The Neon Sign 1 customisation item is one of the Ippon Decorations that you can select to your Ninjala character.

By going into your Closet and then the Avatar Menu, you can see all of this type of item under the ‘IPPON Decorations’ option.

Official Description

“Neon sign-inspired IPPON flourish. Neon light may be too bright for a ninja who lives in darkness.”


Neon Sign 1 takes the form of a classic circular neon sign, surrounded by blue and purple light beams with a neon katana in the background of the illuminated word, ‘IPPON!’

When you land an Ippon with this Ippon Decoration equipped, the neon sign will be switched on to beam colours in celebration of your triumph.

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