Ninjala: Ninja-Gum Bottle

Here’s what information there is on the cosmetic item Ninja-Gum Bottle.

Ninja-Gum Bottle

The Ninja-Gum Bottle can be equipped to you load-out as your Gum Bottle customisation item.

To access the Ninja-Gum Bottle, go into the Closet and then the Avatar Menu. You’ll find it under the Gum Bottles option.

Official Description

“A season-exclusive Ninjala gum bottle. It is distributed only to participants, and not for general sale.”

Fashion Brand: (World Ninja Association)


The Ninja-Gum Bottle is the most basic Gum Bottle available, featuring a single bar across the top which links to the cushions that contain the Ninja-Gum within the glass chamber.

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