Ninjala: Pompadour (Hairstyle)

Get the details on Berecca’s favoured Ninjala hairstyle, the ‘Pompadour,’ on this page.


The Pompadour hairstyle is the default selection for the Ninjala character Berecca, who wears the hairdo pink with some small blue hairpins.

To give your character the Pompadour hairstyle, go into the Closet, select ‘Avatar,’ and then move to the ‘Customise’ tab by pressing R within the Avatar menu. From here, select the bar featuring a comb icon.

Having selected the comb, you’ll then see the full range of Ninjala hairstyles, including the Pompadour.

Official Description

“Long hair shaped into a big pompadour. Hairpins are used to maintain the shape.”



In the image above, Berecca is wearing the Pompadour hairstyle with the blonde colour selected.

The Pompadour is a big and bold hairstyle which also features several hairpins to add some extra colour to the cosmetic item.

When you change the selected colour of the Pompadour with any of the colours available (see below), the hair will completely switch to that selection, and the hairpins will also change to a different colour.

To change your Pompadour hairstyle’s colour, go to the ‘Customise’ tab of the Avatar screen. Next, pick the first option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

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