Ninjala: Rough & Short (Hairstyle)

Find out more about the Ninjala hairstyle ‘Rough & Short’ here.

Rough & Short

The Rough & Short hairstyle is one of the Ninjala hairstyles which isn’t adopted by any of the playable characters in the game.

If you want to use the Rough & Short hairstyle, you’ll need to access the Closet, go to the Avatar menu, and then move to the ‘Customise’ tab by pressing R. Next, pick the option with the comb icon.

On the next screen, you’ll find the Rough & Short hairstyle as well as all of the other hairstyle customisation items.

Official Description

“Short yet voluminous hair with some styling. A good ninja should also have good hair.”



In the image above, Berecca has the blonde version of the Rough & Short hairstyle equipped.

Rough & Short is a shaggy style that features one upturned bit of hair in the centre.

When you alter the colour of Rough & Short with any of those on the palette below, the entirety of the hairstyle will change to that colour.

To change the colour of the Rough & Short hairstyle, go to the Avatar screen and then the ‘Customise’ tab. From here, make changes to the first option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

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