Ninjala: S-Energy and Drones Guide

Everything you need to know about the fundamental S-Energy and Drones in the free-to-play Nintendo Switch game Ninjala.

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Ninjala is the contest in which the descendants of great ancient ninja meet to find the best ninja of them all. By eating Ninja Gum, these modern-day ninjas are able to summon forth the power of the Shinobi.

In the game, Shinobi power is an integral aspect of the gameplay, being noted as S-Energy. It’s the key to the abilities and weaponry of each Ninjala character and is bolstered by the Ninjala Drones.

Here’s what you need to know about S-Energy, Drones, and how one enhances the other in the Nintendo Switch game Ninjala.

What is S-Energy in Ninjala?

Shinobi Energy has been unlocked by eating Ninja Gum. In turn, the Ninjala characters can activate their Shinobi Energy to use Shinobi powers.

Each character has a green health bar at the bottom left of the screen, with the S-Energy gauge shown just beneath.

Image Source: PlayNinjala, via YouTube

Each character starts a Ninjala contest with four bars on their S-Energy gauge.

With this amount of S-Energy available from the beginning of each game, gum bubbles and gum abilities will be relatively weak, and only regular-sized weapons can be crafted.

Even with just four bars of S-Energy on the gauge, players can still use various Ninjutsu moves, but they will be in their weakest form.

Certain moves require different amounts of S-Energy to perform. For example, the Gum Boost costs three S-Energy units. Whenever you expend S-Energy, the gauge will gradually refill.

You can also run through the yellow light orbs scattered around each Ninjala stage to top-up the S-Energy gauge faster and earn some points.

The higher your S-Energy cap, the more S-Energy that you can use before needing to wait for it to refill. Also, you can blow more giant bubbles, perform more powerful Ninjutsu moves, and craft bigger weapons.

To increase your S-Energy cap, you’ll need to go around smashing some Drones.

How do Drones work in Ninjala?

Drones are found hovering around each Ninjala stage, being randomly placed from the start of the game. Their sole purpose is to be smashed by ninjas.

Attacking Drones with your ninja weapon until it explodes will grant you two rewards. The first is points; the second is an increase to your S-Energy cap.

Destroying a basic Drone will increase your S-Energy cap by one unit. After you break a Drone, you can see your S-Energy gauge grow under your character’s health bar.

At the start of a match, all ninjas will move to attack and destroy the Drones as having a larger S-Energy cap results in you being a more powerful ninja.

So, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter other ninjas when you’re looking to break Drones. You could face them head-on, or you could use Gum Morphing to hide as an inanimate object near the Drone before launching a surprise attack.

During the second half of a Ninjala game, Big Drones will start to appear on the map. Smashing a Big Drone will award even more points than a standard Drone as well as increase your S-Energy bar by two units instead of one.

Image Source: PlayNinjala, via YouTube

As you can see, the Big Drone features a more decorative colour scheme and has a parasol top – as opposed to the propellers of the standard Drone.

How to make big weapons in Ninjala

Your ninja’s power, the power of their moves, and the power of their weaponry are directly tied to your S-Energy gauge.

At four bars of S-Energy, Ninjutsu moves will be weak, moves will be slow, gum bubbles will be small, and weapons will be at their least powerful.

At six bars of S-Energy, the ninja’s abilities improve, and the gum bubbles increase in size.

Then, at eight bars or above of S-Energy, you can make massive gum bubbles, big weapons, and unleash the most potent forms of your abilities, including your Ninjutsu moves.  

This is why so many ninjas will converge on the drones whenever they appear: having more S-Energy makes you a stronger in Ninjala.

So, while defeating ninjas and scoring Ippon knock-outs is key to the game, increasing your S-Energy gauge cap by destroying Drones will be crucial to you winning those encounters.

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