Ninjala: Samurai Clan Bottle

Find what information there is on the customisation item Samurai Clan Bottle.

Samurai Clan Bottle

The Samurai Clan Bottle is one of the Gum Bottle customisation items that you can equip to your Ninjala character.

You can find the Samurai Clan Bottle in the Avatar section of the Closet, with it being filed under Gum Bottles.

Official Description

“A gum bottle with a scroll motif. Comes with an ornamental katana. It can’t be removed from its sheath.”

Fashion Brand: (Xinobi)


The Samurai Clan Bottle encases the Ninja-Gum container with blue, orange, and white patterned caps.

On top of the Samurai Clan Bottle sits a sheathed katana, which is purely cosmetic and cannot be drawn during a Ninjala battle.

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