Ninjala: All Shinobi Cards List and Guide

Learn about all of the Ninjala Shinobi Cards in our guide.

Ninjala Shinobi Cards can be applied to your character to enhance them in several different ways.

There is a limit to the number of cards and the value of the cards that can be added, but each card can be further upgraded and swapped with other cards.

Here, you’ll find everything that you need to know about Ninjala’s Shinobi Cards, how you enhance them through Assist Codes, and a list of all of the known Shinobi Cards in the game.

What are Shinobi Cards?

Shinobi Cards are earnable skills that you can apply to your ninja in the game. By going into the Equipment Menu, via the Closet, you can find the Shinobi Cards available.

The skills enhanced by the Shinobi Cards range a great many gameplay aspects, including beginning the battle with maximum S-Energy, explosive Gum Utsusemis, and cooldown reductions.

How to unlock Shinobi Cards in Ninjala

Each Shinobi Card can be unlocked through the in-game currency Ninja Medals, which is earned by competing in online matches.

The developers have stressed that the purchasable currency (Jala) doesn’t make the game pay-to-win, with it only being for the season pass and cosmetic items.

All Ninjala upgrades, including the Shinobi Cards and their Assist Code upgrades, are said to be earned through playing online battles, acquiring, and spending the Ninja Medals.

In the Closet’s Equipment Menu, you can unlock further Shinobi Cards by paying the required medals on the cards locked by a golden padlock. Once you’ve paid the required Medals, you’ll unlock the Shinobi Card.

How to use Shinobi Cards in Ninjala

Your character has a maximum of four Shinobi Card slots. You also have a total cost cap for your Shinobi Cards, with each card carrying its own cost.

Unlocking more Shinobi Card slots increases your total cost cap. In the Developer Diaries, it was indicated that you’d start with a total cost cap of 20, with that growing by ten each time you unlock a new slot – resulting in a maximum total cost cap of 50.

Along with the effect granted by applying the Shinobi Card to your character, you can also benefit from further perks and enhancements granted by each of the Shinobi Card’s three Assist Codes.

What are Assist Codes in Ninjala?

Each Assist Code only applies to certain Shinobi Cards and is unlocked by completing online battles. They, too, can be upgraded by spending Ninja Medals. However, it appears as though doing so will increase the cost of the Shinobi Card.

Shinobi Cards are the key to upgrading your Ninjala character, with you being able to mix-and-match your unlocked cards within the cap limits of your total cost bar.

Ninjala Shinobi Cards List

Discover all of the Ninjala Shinobi Cards revealed so far in the table below, along with some basic information.

Links will be added to the table to provide more details on each Shinobi Card, its Assist Codes, and effects soon.

Card ImageShinobi CardDescriptionInitial Cost
 Discerning EyeDrone locations can be seen through walls within a certain range.8
 Gum Guard MasterWhen successfully performing a gum guard, gum shrinkage will be reduced.8
 Life DrainAbsorb life from your foe when attacking with a gum weapon. However, standard rate of life recovery will be reduced.11
 Master of ChangeIncreases morph gauge capacity, allowing for longer morphing time.6
 Ninja Sense ProUse your ninja sense to detect opponents behind you.10
 Starting DashBegin the battle with maximum S-Energy capacity.12
 Sudden BurstActivate an S-Burst one time, even if your S-Energy gauge is depleted. Resets each time you respawn.12
 Two-Edged ParryWhen parrying, both you and your opponent’s life will be reduced. However, life will never be reduced to zero.7
 Utsusemi MasterWhen a Gum Utsusemi is attacked or touched by a foe, it explodes, causing gum damage.8
 Wall ShooterGum shoot cooldown is reduced while standing on walls.9

This article and the table shall be updated when more information becomes available.

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